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5th Single announced!
posted at: 13 de marzo de 2014 | 17:10 | 0 Kiss! | Leave me a Kiss?

Silent Siren; “Tonight, the band is on LINE ON AIR! There’s news from Sai Sai! Please add Silent Siren’s official LINE account as your friend!”
Announced on LINE earlier yesterday, Sai Sai will be releasing a new single! Their 5th single, titled『Lucky Girl』will drop on 18th June 2014! There will be a total of 5 types, with one type for each member!! For those who pre-order your copies right at the venue on any of the stops from their nationwide tour, which kicks off on 15th March, you’ll be able to participate in a high touch with them after the show ends!
¡Silent Siren anunció a través de su cuenta en Line el lanzamiento de un nuevo single!

El nuevo disco se titulará Lucky Girl! y saldrá a la venta el 18 de Junio. Habrá 5 ediciones,  una por cada miembro más en la que sale el grupo entero.

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